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Shanti: Calm, Tranquility

I’ve imagined creating a space where people can step back from their busy lives to gain perspective, let stress go, and B.R.E.A.T.H.E

Our lives are chaotic and messy more often than not. Did you know it’s okay to stop and take care of yourself?

Do you always put yourself last?

Making sure the kids are taken care of, work is completed, the house is in order, putting other people’s needs before yours…

These things are all so important. But so are you and your well being. Taking care of YOU can be the hardest thing to do sometimes.

At Live Shanti PDX I aim to provide a safe space to just be yourself. I can’t solve your toddler’s mood swings, your overload of work that needs to be done, or that home improvement that can’t seem to get done.

What I will give you is a moment of rest between all the events that cause stress, anxiety, headaches, muscle aches, emotional build up and make you exhausted at the end of the night.


Feel Good about taking care of yourself

When building Live Shanti, it was also important for me to find a way to contribute to humanitarian causes.

Trafficking, children at the border, youth in our communities, caring for OUR earth, and so many others. But how?

I decided that 10% of every sale/service will go to a cause that needs support. There will be two featured causes,which will change every 3 months. The donation is already wrapped into prices.

There will also be many opportunities to combine self healing and doing something physical to be present in these same causes. Community services around Portland and (eventually) the globe. Yoga, meditation, volunteering, building, growing community, and healing. See Events for upcoming workshops and opportunities.